Tajweed Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), Institute of Quran and Arabic learning, it is also a Mosque and a community center.

We offer services in learning, understanding and implementing the Glorious Quran. The main focus is to create the community stronger by empowering its members to be sincere Muslims.

Our Quran related programs start from age (4), there is no maximum age because as Muslims we never stop learning. The beautiful journey begins from learning to read the Quran, We have specialist in Nooraniya and Noor Ul Bayan that help impart this knowledge. From there the students begin memorizing the Quran. We pay close attention to Tajweed application and understanding the essence of what they are memorizing.

Our activities are focused on providing families support, education and an environment that will truly build a strong nation. We have committees to provide services to the youth, sisters, underprivileged and Non-Muslims. Our goal is to build a center were everyone despite age, gender, race or religion feels welcomed and is benefited from us.