About Us

Tajweed Institute

Tajweed Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), It is supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Through this team, we are able to bring quality services to all members of the community Muslim,  non-Muslims, brothers, sisters, youth, children and converts.

The main focus is to create the community stronger by empowering its members to be sincere Muslims.

Our Vision

A self-sustaining Islamic center established on the premise of building a strong community by empowering individuals spiritually, educationally, and socially based on the methodology of the Prophet(pbuh).

Dr. Raed Alrosan

Bachelors in Islamic Hadith (Univ of Al-Madina)
Masters in Islamic Studies and PHD in Tafseer (Graduate Theological Foundation)

Tajweed Islamic Center has been blessed with the leadership of its founder Dr. Raed Alrosan. It has since accomplished unprecedented success in Houston in the span of 3 years. Dr. Raed is known for his wealth of knowledge, charisma. and ability to engage with all people. young and old. He has served as an imam in various Masajid, and has a track record for bringing communities together.

" Stronger Individuals, Stronger Community "

Board of Directors:

Mahmoud El-Elsawi:
Br.Mahmoud our president of the masjid, has been crucial to the establishment of Tajweed Institute from the beginning. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Accounting Management. He also currently works at Pasando Inc.
Firas Abunabah:
Br. Firas is our current vice president and is a systems and business analyst. He has a degree in Branch Accounting and has worked at Proctor and Gamble as well as HP. 
M.Sadiq Ali:
Treasurer – Real Estate Agent by profession, has been a part of Tajweed Institute for their Real Estate needs since 2017. He is our Board Member assigned as Treasurer.