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Welcome To Tajweed Institute

Tajweed Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), It is supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Through this team, we are able to bring quality services to all members of the community Muslim, non-Muslims, brothers, sisters, youth, children and converts.


The youth committee is focused on making the masjid a welcoming place for kids of all ages where they will be welcomed and not judged. Programs include brothers and sisters lock ins to allow children to play and socialize in a friendly spiritual environment and understand their religion. Halaqahs and workshops provide for hands-on learning and self defense classes for physical fitness.

The social/family committee is focused on connecting all community members together with events geared to everyone. The committee also coordinates fun-filled nights for kids, outdoor picnics, potlucks, job networking, and active shooter defense training, and invites guest speakers to speak on a variety of subjects.

This committee is focused on developing events catered to the backbone of the community, our sisters. These events include the very popular Sisters Social, a special event for our hardworking sisters to relax and take a break, with free babysitting provided. The committee also created a monthly mental health panel to provide help and support to our sisters and provide information on infrequently discussed topics. Additionally, a book review program for mothers to see which books are best for their children. The committee also introduced an aerobics class to focus on the physical aspect, so sisters’ needs will be fulfilled socially, spiritually, and physically.

The dawah committee focuses on spreading the beautiful deen of Islam and embodying its principles of peace and care. Once a month, members go down to feed the homeless to personify the kindness and generosity of our Prophet Muhammad. The committee has also invited non- muslims members for Iftar to break their fast and experience the special warmth of Ramadan. Dawah training programs with Sh. Kamal El Mekki, and programs on the History of Islam benefit those seeking more knowldge and those seeking to reaffirm their faith.

The Zakat committee seeks to disperse zakah correctly according to the guidelines of Islam and Sunnah to the needy members of the community. Verified families are provided with financial support, relevant resources and eventual self sustainment in the form of job placement. The committee has so far helped single mothers, low income, and refugee families to become self sufficient and active members of community

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